• It is a type of insurance coverage that pays for the medical expenses incurred due to illness or surgical operations by the insurance
  • The money spend by the insured is reimbursed at a later date.
  • There are free medical helpline numbers: 866 797 0007/866 797 0000(Ontario)
  • Colleges have their own medical office number
  • Emergency Ambulance No: 911(ONTARIO)
  • The number varies according to the province.


Mostly, the colleges provide the medical insurance to the students for the time duration of their studies in that college.
The medical insurance provided at the college is included in the college fees.
Colleges provide medical insurance but not everything is covered under it.
The medical coverage policies varies according to college.
To know more about the college medical coverage , you can check thec college site
If you wish to have a vast area of medical coverage, you can take a private insurance including coverage for the services which are not covered in the college medical insurance.
There are health clinics in colleges
You can also visit walk in clinics.
The health clinics at the colleges do not charge anything.
However, the walk in clinics charges $100 for the first visit.
Not services are covered by the college medical insurance. Some services obtained can be reimbursed but not necessary that you obtain the full amount back.
You can get details about the medical services at various places such as: i. On the orientation day ii. Through Professors iii. Through program coordinator iv. International Centre v. Health clinics (Booklets, nurse, etc.) vi. Career Abroad
It depends on the type of condition and individual’s decision /college policy.
Contact the program coordinator in your college or contact Career abroad for further assistance.
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