Students can become eligible for scholarships under various categories listed below:

Merit based: It is based on finding the most desirable students for the top tier universities. The colleges and universities strive for students instead of the students striving for their universities. Merit based scholarships are granted to those students who have excellent academic output, and also active in extra curriculum activities such as artistic, athletics and so on.

Need Based: This category more specifically is applied to those whose financial background is not so good and are less fortunate. There is a condition to be eligible for financial assistance. It can provide coverage from full tuition fees to partial fees, cost of living and books at times.
Student specific: Such scholarships are granted to those who require medical assistance, race, gender, religion. In short they are minority based scholarships because they target minority group.

Career specific:  Certain areas of study are under financial provision to address supply shortage. Universities have an agenda to produce the skilled talents supplied by agents and perform skilled tasks. Hence, students having skills but have supply shortage may gain substantial assistance through this

College specific: Colleges have core competencies high form the foundation of their research, education and reputation of their college. Therefore, to upgrade their individuality and originality, they introduce programs to study abroad scholarship that are unique. To become eligible for such benefits, one should one should be highly competitive in academic, personal achievements, extracurricular activities and over all profile

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