A convenient arrangement/settlement to live or stay

Different ways of accommodation arrangement :
Accommodation1) Homestay arrangements by the third party:
  • It is a company providing settlement services at various places across the world.
  • They provide services in many countries around the world
2) Homestay arrangements by colleges:
  • Most of the colleges provide accommodation arrangements within the college campus.
    • Laundry
    • Internet
    • Electricity
    • Hydro bill
    • All colleges have different policies so visit the selected college site for precise informationThese services of the colleges are charged on a semester basis. Most of the basic requirements are covered in the services provided by colleges such as:
3) Independent accommodation:
  • Facebook Groups
  • College Facebook Groups
Accommodation services through Career Abroad:
  • Career abroad can assist you to find accommodation nearby your campus. We can assist you understanding of the geographic location and help you understand the transit system of Canada.
  • Any additional, or third party charges that are applicable to accommodation,  settlement, traveling and post landing services are to be bared by the student and/or family.
  • For more details about accommodation and settlement you can consult more with your counsellor during your immigration, or student visa process. You can also consult for the services after your visa approval.

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