Apply for your Student’s Visa on time

Missing the opportunity to renew or apply for a visa/permit for Canada can be a nightmare. Many students inside and outside Canada fear the deadlines for the renewal along with the process. Many students, mesmerized by the happiness of being in Canada, often let slip dates.

Career Abroad, as a visa consultant, provides concrete counsel, knowledge, and assistance for obtaining a visa. It ensures that there are no extra delays in visa processing and that the procedure is smooth. The process can be lengthy, so it is mandatory to strategize the dates and method.

Before the visa process: Important things to know

A student who wishes to study abroad should take every horizon of the process seriously. Along with the expenses, a student must be mentally ready to move. Taking counseling from Career Abroad can clear many doubts. 

Choosing the eligible program and opportunistic location in Canada should be the top priority for a student. Check the eligibility with your counselor for every college and region of Canada. You need to plan the intake that gives you enough time for application.

Prepare for an English proficiency test and have a valid passport with all the educational documents to begin the application process with Career Abroad. Find the finest college and program in different regions of Canada for a bright future.

Mark the calendar

Starting with the thought of studying abroad till the landing date, a student should mark their clock backward. Mark it from the expected flying date, calculate the dates, and make changes accordingly.

  • First step: Apply to colleges and programs, for which you need all your documents and a valid IELTS with a passport.
  • Second step: After selecting the program and college with the help of Career Abroad counselors, pay the application fee and wait for a letter of acceptance (LOA). Getting the response from colleges might take more than a week.
  • Third step: After LOA is received- pay the rest of the fees and apply for a student visa/permit. Booking the flight tickets and making travel arrangements can be done at the last stage.

Every university and college expects documents and transcripts secured with the student throughout the process. The Canadian immigration department will request all of the paperwork provided by the college.

How to be on time

Follow the procedures to ensure that your application is processed on time. Calculate the time it takes from taking an IELTS exam to completing the visa form. Keep track of your application with an educational counselor and plan the coming months or weeks.

It is advisable to apply as early as possible – at least four to six to eight months before the beginning of the session.

Being on time involves attending every session with the counselor ethically. Free counseling sessions with professionals can help during the processing period.

Communicating with the counselor and keeping the deadlines in mind can save a student from delaying the visa process.

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