The Canada Express Entry system is designed to make the entire process of immigration easier for skilled workers. Those who wish to live as permanent residents in the country are assessed for their ability to find gainful employment and prosper while also contributing to the country.

To be eligible for the Canada Express Entry program, you need to first be eligible for any one of the following immigration programs:

You must also show that you either have a job offer that is supported by the Labour Market Impact Assessment or a provincial nomination. Candidates who do not have this will have to register for the Job Bank database on the Government of Canada’s website, which will help them find a job that utilizes your specific skill set.

There are several steps in the process for Canada Express Entry, which are as follows:

Step 1: Ensuring you have eligibility to qualify. Career Abroad has the experience and expertise of guiding thousands of applicants through this assessment process.

Step 2: Once your eligibility has been ensured, the second step is preparing your file. Following this, you will be placed in a pool along with others who have been deemed eligible by the Government of Canada. This is followed by ranking of the applicants which is based on several factors.

Step 3: If you have accumulated sufficient points for a top ranking, you will be given the Invitation to Apply, called the ITA.

Step 4: Once you get the ITA, you can start the process for applying for Permanent Residence (PR). The filling up of the application for the PR and filing it is one of the most crucial steps in this entire process.

Step 5: Waiting for the final approval followed by submission of passport.

Step 6: Post landing services

There have been several cases where even those who received the ITA did not succeed in getting their PR approved because there was an error in their file. Even simple, inadvertent errors can result in the PR getting rejected. Any misrepresentation of information, even if it is an honest mistake, can result in a ban of 5 years for the file!

It is for this reason that you need the services and assistance of the experts to guide you through the filling and filing of the PR file. Career Abroad has wide experience and extensive expertise in guiding thousands of applicants successfully through this process. Our team also provides post-landing services that provide much needed peace of mind when you arrive in Canada. Get in touch with the Career Abroad to start today with your Express Entry process.