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Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker – Caregiver Pilot Programs

Canada is caring for its caregivers by 2 new pilots that will help caregivers who come to this country make it their permanent home.

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The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilots will open for applications on June 18, 2019, replacing the expiring Canada caregiver program – Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs pilots.


Canada Caregivers will now only receive a work permit if they have a job offer in Canada and meet standard criteria for economic immigration programs. Once working in Canada, caregivers will be able to begin gaining the required 2 years of Canadian work experience to apply for permanent residence.

Through these new pilots, Canada caregivers will also benefit from:

  • occupation-specific work permits, rather than employer-specific, to allow for a fast change of employers when necessary;
  • open work permits and/or study permits for the caregivers’ immediate family, to help families come to Canada together; and
  • a clear transition from temporary to permanent status, to ensure that once caregivers have met the work experience requirement, they will be able to become permanent residents quickly.
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These new pilots provide caregivers from abroad and their families with a clear, direct pathway to permanent residence.

Canada is committed to improving life for immigrants and supporting jobs for the middle class.

Some important highlights of the program are:

  • The new pilots, Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker, will each have a maximum of 2,750 principal applicants, for a total of 5,500 principal applicants per year, plus their immediate family.
  • Initial applications to the new pilots will have a 12-month processing service standard. A 6-month processing standard will apply for finalizing an application after the caregiver submits proof that they have met the work experience requirement.
  • With the move to occupation-specific work permits under the Home Child Care and Home Support Worker pilots, employers will no longer need a Labour Market Impact Assessment before hiring a caregiver from overseas.

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