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Nowadays, studying abroad has become a trend amongst students. We all have noticed the increasing number of students pursuing higher education across the globe, but, what is even more important to note is which country to choose with Top In IELTS. The current situation has shown that the students opt for Canada — as your dream study destination!

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Let us explain the reasons as to why Canada has become a favorite study destination for the students:

  1. Canada- a home away from home

The decision of coming to Study Abroad, although is tough, what makes it is reassuring is the presence of a similar community from back home and neighborhood that lives with a feeling of oneness and unity, imparting the feeling of a home away from home.

  1. Canada has been ranked one of the best places in the world by the UN

Canada has been ranked one of the best places in the world by the UN considering the factors like life expectancy, national income, education, and the general quality of life! Additionally, the presence of abundant fresh water, comfortable population density, model health care system, peaceful, politically stable, safe, and the low crime rate has made it a more suitable place to live in!

  1. Work Exposure Available Post Graduation in Canada

The international students who are Study Abroad have the option of working here once they receive their degree or diploma. The students can even work on campus without even getting a permit.

  1. Enhanced focus on mental health

Canada is the only country that focuses on the mental health of its residents, whether that be students or citizens, laws are made to protect and nurture mental health as well as every community center has free mental health groups that are designed to relieve stress.

  1. A Multicultural Country

Canada is a country where multiple cultures are being followed as it is the home to millions of immigrants. Over the past century and a half, Canada has welcomed 15 million immigrants. The country also ensures that it preserves and respects various cultures’ customs and traditions.

  1. Canada’s Education System

The universities of Canada follow and maintain a high standard education system that has been recognized in top international rankings. One can even afford it as the Canadian tuition fees are some of the lowest in English-speaking countries.

  1. Excellent Health Care

Though medical insurance in Canada is inexpensive, it assures the people to provide some of the most advanced and accessible treatments in the world.

  1. Abundant job opportunities

Canada offers an abundance of job opportunities in all fields and on top of that has some of the top reputed employers in the world.

Because of such lucrative factors, Canada has become the favorite destination for students to apply for further studies and make their careers bright and successful in every way! So, opt for Career Abroad and let your entire process be hassle-free as you have reached the best and reliable source for this big decision of your life!

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