Christmas charm in Canada (blog cover)

Christmas Charm in Canada

“Jingle bells, jingle bells… jingles all the way”, It’s Christmas, and you should consider yourself fortunate if you happen to be in Canada at this time of year. This location exudes a unique festival ambiance, let us walk you through this enchanted occasion for international students who will be celebrating their first festival in Wonderland.

As Bing Crosby recites, “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight…Walking in a winter wonderland”. It truly lives down the lyrics as you read through the lines of the beautiful song.

Even while everyone enjoys celebrating the holiday in their own unique style, there are certain aspects that you can relate to. Christmas in Canada is a sight to behold as every house and street are lighten up. People use the Christmas motif to decorate their stores, workplaces, buildings, and front yards. People can be seen enjoying themselves with their friends and family, singing Christmas carols in the streets, and exchanging greetings.

The winter brings some chills to the festivities, but only to enhance the magical atmosphere. The country is covered in glittering white as it begins to snow, making the holiday lights and decorations even more gorgeous. Winter and snow activities give the celebrations an adventurous edge, and people enjoy having a good time while being outside. If you have a sweet craving, you can’t miss out on the various desserts and dishes that are prepared during Christmas.

When the family gets together this time of year, it’s all about love and fun. We all know that magic and delight are at the heart of this, but where does it all start?

Your backyard is where it begins. Check out our next blog for a list of things to do in your backyard with your loved ones.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays on behalf of the team of Career Abroad.

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