The professional student counsellors at Career abroad assist each and every student with innovative ideas and confidence. They are confident enough while advising the student. Before going to conclusion they will conduct a detail assessment to the student’s profile. The professionals at career abroad are very clear and concise.


What does Counselling mean?

  • It is the act of helping the students to see things more clearly, possibly from different viewpoints that will help them to plan their educational goals and achieve them!

Why is it needed?

  • Counselling provides you with the understanding the depth of the matter.
  • It adds on achieving specific goal facilitated by the positive changes and enabling the student to put aside the myths heard about admission, education and student visa process!
  • A good Counsellor will always deliver you with right information, will assess your profile and provide you with practical educational goals that will meet your educational level, financial status and English proficiency level.

As a student you have many questions regarding studying abroad:

The student counsellors at Career Abroad with help the students with strategic planning  from the very day:

  • Appearing for a English language Proficiency Test
  • Before, Providing any options the counsellors will do a detailed assessment of the student‘s profile and accordingly provide the student with options.
  • Selecting the appropriate program considering the students educational background, work Experience,  Age, Province/ College preferences, English Proficiency, and so on.
  • The program selection of the student is based on the highest level of education the student had in the past. On that basis, the student is provided with the best possible options from various colleges keeping the student’s preferences/requirements in mind. For Example:
  1. The student recently appeared for the higher secondary examination can apply for Diploma and Post Secondary Certificate Courses.
  2. The students already having a Bachelors/ Masters can apply for Post Graduate Certificate programs at at a college, or university, or a Master’s program at the university.

* Students having a good educational background are also directed towards scholarship options.

  • Once the program is selected the application is submitted for the respective program for the Letter of Acceptance
  • Once the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) is received from the College/ University, the students’ are connected with the Career Abroad visa team, who will guide them with the tuition fee payment, GIC and Visa process.
  • For further details on how to apply for the student visa, visit our student visa page.

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