Canada has become a hot destination for international students when it comes to professional as well as higher education. The number of student visa applications is increasing day by day and the Canadian Government is making sincere and committed efforts to accommodate maximum number of students. A large number of students, who have managed to secure an admission in Canadian universities and colleges, are looking for ways to extend their stay as a student in Canada.

How can you extend your stay as a student in Canada?

Submit an application before the expiry of the current visa status

If you want to extend your stay in Canada as a student, you must submit an application form prior to the existing permit status expires. The minimal time frame for submitting the application for the extension of the student visa is 30 days before the expiry. The application package for the extension can be availed on the CIC website. Once the extension of your study permit is approved, you can submit a new application for the renewal of your temporary resident visa.   In case; your study permit expires after producing an application for the extension, you can remain in Canada under the ‘Implied Status. This status suggests that you are a temporary resident and it is going to last until the authorities make a decision on your extension application.

What does the application package comprise of? 

The application package for student visa extension consists of Document Checklist, Applications to Change Conditions, Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union, Custodian Declaration, Use of a Representative and Instruction Guide.

Two methods for applying for a student visa extension

You can find two ways to apply to extend your stay in Canada as a student. The first option available is to submit an application online and the next one is to apply on paper. Detailed information about these two methods can be found on the CIC website and you need to follow the guidelines provided carefully to make the submission successful. It is always advisable to seek the help of a reliable foreign education consultancy to submit these types of applications because a minor mistake can result in the rejection of your application.

Extra 90 days to prepare for submitting the renewal or extension application

The expiry date mentioned on your current study permit clearly shows when you have to leave the country upon completion of the course. Most probably, this date could be the duration of your course and you get 90 additional days to submit an application for extending your stay in Canada as a student. These 90 additional days help you prepare the application correctly for the extension of the student visa. The countdown for the extra 90 days starts with the day you receive the first notification from your college or university that you have completed the program or the day on which you receive the degree, diploma or certificate.

A few important things to remember

Your study permit cannot be extended beyond the expiry date on your passport. If you are planning to travel outside Canada, you need to apply for an extension of the study permit.

Processing a Canada student visa application is a complex task because it involves a lot of procedures and steps. You need to follow them correctly to make your submission efforts result oriented. The same thing can be said about submitting an application for student visa extension as well. That is where the importance of seeking the help of a renowned education and immigration consultant comes in.

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