The Canadian government has made special changes in its immigration laws with the prime purpose of ensuring the success and happiness of people immigrating to the country. One step in this direction is the extension of the open work permit pilot program. The date for this has been extended to December 21, 2017. The spouse of a person living in Canada could be eligible under this pilot program. To be eligible for this, the requirements are:

  • You must be sponsored under the SCLPC category, which is the Spouse or Common Law Partner in Canada.
  • You should be having a resident status that is valid, which means it is either as a visitor, a worker, or a student.
  • You and your sponsor should be living at the same address.

This is a good sign for those who are looking to work while your PR application is being finalized.  If you have already submitted the application for permanent residence but are yet to receive the approval or you are still to apply for the open work permit, you can send in your application now. If you have already received an approval, but are waiting for the background, medical, and security checks, you should apply for the open work permit through the online portal. Those who have already received a work permit must still apply for the extension before the expiry. For those who are newly submitting a work permit application, it should be done along with the applications for sponsorship and permanent residence.

These changes are meant to speed up and facilitate the process for spouses and common law partners. The Canadian government has made family reunification a priority and this new change should enable the process to be complete in just 12 months (with exceptions for complex cases).

In order to help the authorities, it is important to provide updated information promptly and when asked and link your application to your online account as well.

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