So you’ve made the decision to study in Canada! Congratulations on taking a brave step into a world that is as yet unknown for you.  When you think of Studying Canada, there is no need to feel anxious or overwhelmed with all that you need to do or know. Career Abroad has extensive experience in connecting students to the right program with the right college, so you are never alone in your journey to study in Canada.

At Career Abroad, we believe that offering valuable information about the different options to study in Canada is just the beginning of your journey. We are with you at the every step of the way right up to the process of getting PR status (Permanent Resident, where you have the right to stay in Canada permanently while retaining  citizenship in your native/home country).

We take our responsibilities very seriously, which is to connect you to the right options to study in Canada that is based on your test scores, interests, budget, proximity to friends or family in Canada, etc. Through our professional, personalized, and effective counseling services, we ensure that the program you enrol in is not repetitive in any way, so you get into a truly unique program that will add a definite feather to your cap in terms of qualifications, skill sets, confidence, etc., leading to bright and lucrative job opportunities, whether in Canada or in any other part of the world.

We understand, through experience and observation, the importance of finding the right program at the college for your study in Canada experience. There are many students who have taken the step of studying in Canada without proper guidance and have ended up regretting it due to various reasons, ranging from:

  • The course being just a rehash of courses they have done before, resulting in not learning anything new even after paying hard earned money
  • The program is not in sync with their true abilities, interests, objectives in life
  • The program is too far away from their friends or family, leading to a feeling of loneliness, homesickness, and isolation,which does not enable them to enjoy their Canadian experience or to concentrate on their studies/resulting in not being able to enjoy their Canadian experience at all or even concentrate on their studies
  • The program had many hidden expenses which they were not aware of, resulting in their going over budget and being stressed out financially
  • The program not delivering what it promised

All of these can happen only if the right counselling has not been sought or given. At Career Abroad, the future of every student who comes to us is managed with due dedication and responsibility, resulting in the right fit for the student every single time, ensuring a bright future that is fulfilling and rewarding!

Connect with Career Abroad today to get the right advise as you search for the right school to study in Canada. You can submit your details at our online application form – click here.