Government of Canada invests $35 million to increase settlement services for newcomers

On January 17, 2022 the Government of Canada has announced a plan that they will be investing more than $35 million in enhancing settlement services for newcomers in small towns and rural communities.

Why are Newcomers Important to Canada?

Canada views newcomers as having a vital role to the future of the country as they contribute to the country’s society and economy, especially amidst covid-19. To support and aid newcomers that have settled in these small towns and rural communities the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, has taken action to ensure that these citizens have access to essential services. This is an important development for newcomers as settling during the pandemic has made it harder for them to integrate comfortably into their new homes.

How will the investment be used?

Canada continues to provide and aid newcomers as countless projects from the Resettlement Assistance Program and Case Management Services have been selected to proceed.  The Resettlement Assistance Program is a funding program that operates in every province excluding Quebec that provides financial support and funds to service provider organizations.

To lessen the pressure on the 32 existing Resettlement Assistance Program service providers, $21 million of the intended investment will be used to establish 9 new Resettlement Assistance Program service providers. These organization will be implemented in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick. It will help refugees settle and build a new life in small towns and rural communities. These settlement services can provide a multitude of services so that refugees and vulnerable newcomers may adapt faster. Services can include amenities that help in learning the language or gaining employment/community support opportunities.

The remaining $14 million will go towards supporting case management services for the 14 existing service providers. This will aid in providing support and recommendations for vulnerable newcomers to successfully build a new life.

Canada as an International Leader in Settlement and Integration

Canada strives to shape itself into a place that refugees and vulnerable newcomers can build a new home within comfortably.  Well aware of the obstacles that covid-19 has created for these individuals Canada wants to support them in their new life by providing access to services that will support them in long term success in the many years ahead. Canada continues to succeed as an international leader in helping newcomers integrate into smaller and rural communities through working hard in providing enhanced access to support services.

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