World being a global village and people actually believing it to be the same, the ratio of people migrating to different parts of the world is increasing tremendously and one such place that is becoming the hot favorite destination to migrate is Canada! Finding the opportunities – be it to make the career or getting wide exposure to jobs, Canada has always been in the lead! Hence, people are attracted to make their fortune here and ensure their new phase to be challenging and opportunistic. Once they settle, the next thing that they look forward is to help the family or spouse to immigrate to Canada. Immigrating to Canada requires certain procedures to be followed and certain criteria to be fulfilled. Let us see how things can work out in case of family sponsorship.

To ensure that right efforts are put in the right direction, it is essential to take assistance from a consultancy that is aware about every detail and process involved in the immigration. Career Abroad is one such consultancy that serves you with the required assistance while immigrating to Canada.

According to Career Abroad, the process for family sponsorship for Canadian immigration varies depending on the place the sponsored person is currently residing and also where he or she looks forward to reside in Canada. Career Abroad states that a sponsored person can apply from outside Canada, or even while they are in Canada, if the applicant is the spouse, or common law partner of the Canadian sponsor. In case of the sponsored person applying from outside, Career Abroad advises to consider the following points:

  • Understand the difference between Spousal Sponsorship and Spousal Open Work Permit

  • Get your profile assessed to make sure you qualify

  • Get the right guidance for how to submit the spousal sponsorship file from your home country

  • The Spousal sponsorship, Spousal Open Work Permit and extension of Spousal Open Work Permit applications can be submitted from outside and Canada and within Canada as well

  • Students who are already in Canada sometimes visit their home countires and get married. They can also apply their spouse’s (Spousal Open Worp Permit), so that the spouse can join them and work full time while they are studying

  • It is extremely important that all the documents are arranged and presented properly. For that take and expert’s advice and guidance.

Hence, if you are looking forward to family sponsorship, immigrating to Canada can be a smooth process with Career Abroad as it guides you with every single process and helps you pass through it swiftly without any hustle. So, knock the doors of Career Abroad and start preparing to welcome your spouse and family to Canada!

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