Norquest College launched a new program starting January 2022!

About the Machine Learning Program

 The Machine Learning Diploma Program is a mixture of three components, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Program and Data Science. But what is Machine Learning Program? Machine Learning is the study of computer algorithms to improve the experience of the use of the data. It is a new career job title in the employment industry and is slowly growing. The skills learned in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Program apply to all industries which is why it is #2 in-demand technology skill in Alberta and the future of Data Analytics.

Norquest College has partnered with AIPP (AI Pathways Partnership), a consortium of post-secondaries from across Alberta advancing Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Data Analytics education to provide opportunities for learners to thrive in the global digital economy. AIPP is in collaboration with “Amil” and various AT Companies. It is Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, World-Leading Expertise and Industry-Connection.

  • Student will learn Math and logic, Project & Teamwork, Problem Solving and Coding. The program is fast-paced, full-time and project-based
  • Upon graduation, students will be eligible for PGWP
  • Machine Learning is a 2-year program and targeted towards workers pivoting into tech careers or those with previous experience in technology
  • Accelerated program – learners will graduate by May 2023

The creators of the Machine Learning Analyst Program have incorporated a Work Integrated Project in replacement of co-op. Students will create a portfolio, network with industry and train for employment. This new direction will expose learners to different domain experts and guest lectures. It will also help students align industry needs with their ability to provide work-integrated learning. Students will work project-based for credit and will work on real-world projects.

Admission Requirements

  • 12th grade:
    • 65% English
    • 60% Math
  • IELTS: 6.5/6.0
  • Duolingo: 115

Career Opportunities

  • Machine Learning Analyst
  • Machine Learning Technician
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist

Pathway Options

  1. ML Analyst Career à ML Specialist for small business or ML Analyst on a team at large company
  2. Data Analyst or related career à Data Analyst or Technician
  3. Ladder into 4-year IT program à ML – IT specialist
  4. Ladder into 4-year Business program à ML Business Strategist
  5. Ladder into 1-year PG Certificate for domain of choice à ML Analyst with domain specialization based on the certificate

 If you would like to submit an application for the program, contact us and an educational counselor will gladly assist you with your process!

Fill online application form: Apply Online

Phone number/What’s App: +1 647-648-2525 / +91 95126 31977