Modernizing Canada’s immigration system to support economic recovery and improve client experience

On January 31, 2022 the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced plans to improve and modernize Canada’s immigration system.

Why is immigration important to Canada?

Immigration is a vital contributor to Canada’s economy and culture. Immigration fills in the gap for many labour shortages and contributes to the economic growth. However, even though Canada welcomes and encourages immigration important there are still challenges that negatively impact the immigration system. For example, processing delays as a result of border restrictions and Covid related factors have generated frustration and anxiousness amongst those trying to enter Canada. The Government of Canada wants to eliminate these delays to provide standard processing times that clients deserve.

What are the Improvements?

In the 2021 budget, the Government of Canada devoted $85 million in funding to improve processing times. This investment was aimed towards returning Canada back to the standard processing time for services such as study permits, work permits and permanent resident card renewals. The new improvement of immigration important will encompass hiring more staff, moving to digital applications and reorganizing internally within IRCC offices around the world.
Canada has started to implement of immigration important many different designs to better improve client experience and address the issues raised. The IRCC is branching out by expanding through the use of data analytics to aid officers in sorting and processing visitor visa applications. Statistically, through the use of data analytics files have proven to be assessed 87% faster while still maintaining program integrity.
Moreover, by planning to expand into digital applications it will allow increased capacity of applicants and instantaneous service that paper applications lacked. Through digital applications clients receive immediate confirmation their application was submitted and overcomes Covid-related delays as it is being completed online.
In February 2022 to address the issue with clients requesting easier access to application information and status updates a new Permanent Residence Application Tracker will be released for spouses and dependents. This portal will eliminate any in-person interactions, clients will be able to apply and receive their permanent residency cards all through the portal.
To further minimize Covid related delays the IRCC continues to digitalize many services. Online testing has been developed for citizenship applicants and virtual citizenship ceremonies. Approximately 350 virtual ceremonies have been held per month, and more than 170,000 new Canadians have been sworn in since April 1, 2020. The IRCC has future plans to explore an option where people are able to self-administer their oath through sign attestation and celebrate their citizenship on a later date.

The Future for the Immigration system

The IRCC continues to modernize program and service delivery through dedicated planning. The changes that have already been implemented have proven to be successful in improving client experience and minimizing delays. Through continued hard work Canada will continue to provide meaningful and up-to-date application processing.

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