Online Case Tracker For Permanent Residence Sponsorship Applications

On February 8 2022, the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship made an announcement on the development of a new online case tracker for permanent residence sponsorship applications.

Why the new development?

Immigration is vital to Canada’s economic growth and job market. It is important as time develops and new technology arises to stay updated with the changes to provide the best service to clients. Recently the government of Canada has stated that they wanted to modernize and provide up to date immigration systems. This new case status tracker will come at the right time to help modernize their systems to meet the needs of their clients.

What is the new case status tracker?

The permanent residence sponsorship applications tracker will be available for those applying for permanent residence under the spouse, partner and dependent child categories. It will allow for the applicants to stay updated on their case file and this includes their sponsors and representatives as well. It is very similar to the Citizenship application tracker that was developed in May 2021. This case status tracker will also benefit the applicant by providing all of the information they would have received if they had used the help of an IRCC client service agent.

Going Forward

Through the launch of the permanent residence sponsorship applications case status tracker, it is evident that Canada is committed to providing transparent and efficient services to their clients. This case status tracker will benefit applicants by providing a simple and informative way to track their application online. Canada’s continued efforts have proven to be effective as average application processing time for spousal sponsorship has returned to the standard of 12 months. It is evident the IRCC will continue to provide new tools in support of making Canada an ideal place for people to work and build a new home.

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