Career Abroad Visa and education counselling can provide you with an assessment of your profile and suggest the immigration and education solution suitable for you.

Our assessment for you would be personalized and based on your profile, background, education and work experience. We promptly review your qualifications and provide you with a solution that would more likely help you succeed in your immigration application.

Simply fill in the ‘Immigration Counselling Online’ form, or “Student Counselling Form” to connect with us and we will guide you on how to get your profile assessment.

If you need additional information, think your case is not normal or if your previous file was refused or is stuck with no updates whatsoever, then submit an inquiry to us. We can include those points when analyzing your profile during the assessment and we will be pleased to answer your questions and offer the appropriate method to resolve it.

After the assessment of your profile, you are also encouraged to call and have a telephonic discussion with one of our experts who can attend to any further queries you may have. We will be more than happy to discuss with you about your requirements and explain you what steps are involved in your particular situation.

Apply Online to get a profile assessment.

Immigration Assessment – Immigration Counselling Form 

Education Assessment – Student Counselling Form

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