Students and people commonly seeks informal support from friends and family around for their academic and career choices and to bypass career professionals altogether. That”s where career counselling plays the most important role. It is your life, your decision and your options – no one else would be responsible for the wrong YOU do. Do not play with your career – choose Career Abroad and get advice from professionals and experts who have experience dealing in many varieties of cases.

Career Abroad emphasizes a broad understanding of career counselling which involves a variety of professionals activities commonly associated with career counseling, guidance, coaching, and advise. We include a wide variety of professional activities which focus on supporting people in dealing with career-related challenges – both preventatively and in difficult situations. Through our expertise in career development and labor markets, we can put a person’s qualification, experience, strengths and weakness in a broad perspective taking into consideration your desired salary, personal hobbies and interests, location, job market and educational possibilities.

Through our counselling and guiding abilities, our career counselors can additionally support international students in gaining a better understanding of what really matters for them personally, how they can plan their careers autonomously, or help them in making tough decisions and getting through time of crisis. Finally, career counselors are often capable of supporting our clients in finding suitable placements/ jobs, in working out conflicts with their employers, or finding the support of other helpful services.

Career guidance and counseling is an instrument to effectively combat social exclusion, help upgrade skills and increase employability.

The process of Career Counseling is an active one, which can help assure an international student has chosen the right pathway which would lead them to their goal. International students would have to make the right choice from the wide range of existing possibilities available out there.

Career Counselling in Canada

Career Abroad assist students and candidates to :

  • Help them choose the right educational program and institute when going abroad for studies and developing career
  • Familiarizes students with their individualized interests
  • Help students upgrade appropriate skills and abilities which would eventually assist them in developing their career
  • Explore the wide assortment of possibilities for opportunities available
  • Provides information on average starting salaries
  • Which job positions demands what – job descriptions and responsibilities
  • Likes and dislikes of a particular program or profession
  • Helps a student find a career choice
  • Customized discussions with a career counselor
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