Okay, you have dropped down to this write up directly reveals your interest of studying abroad in a beautiful place like Canada! So without wasting any more time, let us throw light on some information that you should be aware of while attaining a Canadian Student Visa.

Firstly, you should focus your efforts in getting a Canadian study permit as it serves as a Canadian student visa during your entire stay over here. In case of a course that lasts just six months or less, you are not required to get the permit. But, it is always good to apply for a permit before you go as you never know when your mind orders you to stay more by taking up some other prolonged course or program. In short, be it a short study trip or a long one; make sure to get the student visa at the first hand.

It’s a simple process where you can apply online or through a paper application which you can get from the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) website. Though opting for the former option is advisable as paper applications takes about twice as long and also you need to keep a track on processing times well in advance. Applying online through credit or debit card, you will be required to provide documents asked by the visa office in your country.

Anyway, though there is lot many steps, information and guidance provided online, it is beneficial to have an expert during the entire journey of getting a Canadian student visa. As they are aware about all the nitty-gritty related to visa process, they end up guiding you correctly and letting you get the visa in lesser time and hassle free way.

For all these set of procedures, you should resort to one and only Career Abroad as it provides the students with right guidance and roadmap that renders them to achieve their goals through right education. Career Abroad is known to smoothen the entire visa process by providing following guidance to all:

  • Career Abroad provides counseling to give a scope to students to choose a right program that matches their background and profile in the best way.

  • It also helps in the admission process in the colleges and universities across Canada.

  • Career Abroad works with the student and family on one-to-one basis to prepare the student visa file as soon as the letter of acceptance is received.

  • It even prepares the file as per the IRCC requirements that are required from where the student is applying.

  • It also looks forward to guide the student with passport stamping as soon as the visa gets approved.

Hence, knock the door of one and only Career Abroad to avail a smoothened and faster process of getting a Canadian Visa!

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