International students should study in Canada because Canada is a country rich in culture, nature and opportunity. It is one of the top five countries in the world where international students come to study abroad. International students should study in Canada because colleges in Canada offer affordable tuition fees. This makes colleges and universities more accessible for low-income families. Colleges in Canada also offer quality academic education useful for long-term career goals. Meanwhile attracts the possibility of permanent residency. Learn about York University English Program, Also it is a pathway to York University.


Canada is a bilingual country with its main languages being English and French. English is one of the most universal languages in the world. It is also the most used language. Being fluent, especially in English is more desirable for future employers and opens new career opportunities. Thus a strong English language background offers International students looking to get into a college or university in Canada a greater advantage in writing standardized tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

York University is one of the top universities in Canada for international students. This University is innovative and impacting which offering a variety of degree programs from Science and Business to Performing Arts and Design. In addition York University introduced programs catered to international students who are looking to improve and expand their English language knowledge. These four ESL programs are designed as a pathway to help international students meet the IELTS requirements for Canada.


According to studies conducted by York University, international students in Canada who choose the YUELI pathway to York University are reported to get better grades, greater retention, and higher graduation rates than international students who choose the direct route to York University.


  GPA Retention Rate Graduation Rate
Other Visa Students + .18% points +19% +20%
Domestic Students -.46% +14% +9%


International students from over 70 nationalities have enrolled in this program!

The Academic Program (AP) is a language preparation for study in English. The program has nine levels ranging from beginner level to advanced learning. The Academic Program serves as an alternative to IELTS and TOEFL. Also it was designed as a comprehensive –English for Academic Purposes (EAP)—preparation for students at any level of English. Above all You are able to learn at the level you need from basic communication skills to completing a PhD. The Academic Program allows students in levels AP6 – AP9 to “sit in on many courses at York University and experience what it’s like first-hand”.

Learn while making friends by participating in activities and social trips!

York University Community Leaders provide a variety of ways for students to learn. Also Students can participate in activities, events and social excursions. This new approach to learning gives you the opportunity to build your skills and confidence outside the classroom consequently develop your personality.


In the YUBridge Program, When international students are accepted into the program, they will be eligible to receive a conditional offer of acceptance to York University. The program combines 25 hours per week of instructions. The goal of the program is to have students speaking and writing at an IELTS 6.5 levels (the minimum requirement for York University) within the eight-month period.

The YUBridge Program allows students to earn credits along with learning English! This gives you a way to improve your English while meeting the York University entry requirements!

Separate training/teaching for Academic tutorial. Class sizes are small and beneficial therefore your teacher is able to identify where problems arise within your learning, you are more engaged in the classroom and lastly, there is more curriculum to learn.

Once you begin the YUBridge Program you are considered an undergraduate student at York University.


The Pre-Destination York program are for applicants with an IELTS score of 5.5, AP6 completion or equivalent. When Students pass the Pre-Destination York program are eligible for the Destination York program.


Destination York is an eight-week pathway program that you can enroll in after applying for a degree program at York University. When you successful completes the program it fulfills the York University Language entry requirements (IELTS and TOEFL) with no tests required. Besides that the destination program aims to help international students improve their academic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Your academic success in the program is just as important as your academic success integration to York University.


Over the course of just 8 weeks, you will receive customized feedback to improve your language skills in the following areas:

  • Listening to key ideas in lectures and presentations, note-taking, and analyzing academic readings
  • Writing university academic-level research papers
  • Critical thinking, time management, and teamwork


Your academic success in the Destination York program is as important to us as your successful integration into York University afterwards. To sum up we ensure your pathway into York University is as smooth as possible by providing access to undergraduate advising services, comprehensive information sessions with all faculties, and workshops that keep you informed of next steps.