Reforms to International Student Program – to stop Fraud

Minister of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship stated:

“International students are talented, bright, and deserving of a positive experience as they pursue their studies in Canada. We will continue improving Canada’s International Student Program by protecting students and weeding out those who try to exploit them. Whether an international student stays and works after graduation or returns home, we want their time as a student in Canada to have been beneficial to their growth and aspirations.”

Honourable Minister- Marc Miller gave this statement for the bright futures of international students in Canada. Known for its diverse opportunities in education and immigration, Canada has decided to take further steps to protect international students from scams.

Over 8 million international students are being admitted, and numerous unnoticed elements pose a threat to the acceptance of visas. Programs for international students are made to safeguard pupils through evaluations. The foundation of such efforts will support DLIs in a transparent, fraud-free entry procedure with the aid of IRCC.

Key threats to be resolved

  • Designated learning: One big worry is the horrible truth of forged acceptance letters for overseas students. To stop this kind of fraud, the IRCC has decided to implement new norms with DLIs to cross-check the legitimacy of these letters. The IRCC will also be labeling all of these DLIs as “recognized institutions” starting in the nearby sessions.
  • PGWP assessment: The coming months will also focus on the immigration requirements and norms of different regions. Post-graduate work permit criteria to be evaluated for more opportunities. Based on the economy and market requirements, this comprehensive assessment will make the balance between international talent and local necessities.
  • For the future: The future of international students in Canada won’t be determined by all the threats they currently face. The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is directly liable for such a larger program aimed at the future of Canada: international students.

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Ministry of Canada are aiming forward for a safe and secure mode of transferability for international students. Concerning the modern mode of living and advanced education, the number of immigrants will keep increasing. To sustain their survival and avoid any red marks in the process, the international student program is aiming to protect them all.

Towards a better future:

With a mass of students applying for millions of different programs and colleges across Canada, the international student program is modified for their security. Rather it is a set of documents that can mislead them or it is institutions not performing ethically, all is monitored.

To make Canada an immigrant-friendly country for future generations as well, the authorities are being on alert. Many international students and residents have faced issues, that have affected the economic and social status of the country. To sustain the people’s form of assets, the decision-makers have taken a few more steps towards incidents.

The advanced system or new norms for the future of Canada are aimed at the immigrants and their contribution to the economy of the country. The talented and enthusiastic international crowd that enrolls in multiple immigration grounds is the future of a modernized Canadian society.

Upholding the frauds and mishappening by the decision-making bodies for educational institutions are the major attendees for such policies. The highest number of international students in accepter country like Canada itself has made the move for a brighter future.


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