SAT is also known as Scholastic Aptitude TestA standardized test conducted for admission to various colleges in the United States. The SAT aims at assessing the student’s capability and eligibility to get admission into the college. 

 SAT -1Reasoning Test

It is a 3 hour exam. It comprise of MCQ and measures verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities that develop overtime. Most college requires SAT 1 for admission

 SAT-2 Subject tests

It is 1 Hour exam and comprises of MCQ. It measures the knowledge of particular subject and ability to apply that knowledge


  • SAT was developed and administered by US based “College Entrance Exam Board”
  • It is held around 6-7 times in a year.
  • Anyone and everyone can appear for it
  • The score of SAT is valid for 5 years.
  • You can report your Sat score to maximum 4 universities initially. It is included in the sat fees you pay.
  • For reporting to each additional university the charges are $6.50( US dollar)

Scoring Pattern:

  • The scoring pattern comprises of three different scores
  • Total Score(400-100)
  • Verbal Section(200-800)
  • Mathematics( 200-800)



The SAT-I is a three hour exam, divided into seven sections. The following table gives out the format of the SAT-I :

Section Type of Question Total Questions Timing
Verbal Sentence Completion – 10 questions
Analogy Questions – 13 questions
Critical Reading – 12 questions
35 questions 30 minutes
Verbal Sentence Completion – 9 questions
Analogy Questions – 6 questions
Critical Reading – 15 questions
30 questions 30 minutes
Verbal Critical reading questions on paired passages 13 questions 15 minutes
Mathematics Multiple Choice – 25 25 questions 30 minutes
Mathematics Quantitative Comparisons – 15
Student-produced-response Questions – 10
25 questions 30 minutes
Mathematics Multiple Choice Questions – 10 10 questions 15 minutes
Experimental Either verbal or Mathematics section varies 30 minutes
Total 138 + 3 hours

SAT-II: Subject Tests

Writing,  Literature,  American History and Social Studies,  World History,  Math IC,  Math IIC,  Biology,  Biology E/M,  Chemistry,   Physics,  Chinese Listening,  French Reading,  French Listening,   German Reading,  German Listening,  Modern Hebrew,  Italian,   Japanese Listening,  Korean Listening,  Latin,  Spanish Listening,   Spanish Reading,  English Language Proficiency

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