SAT Training Tips

SAT is also known as Scholastic Aptitude Test:  A standardized test conducted for admission to various colleges in the United States. The SAT aims at assessing the student’s capability and eligibility to get admission into the college. 

 SAT -1Reasoning Test

It is a 3 hour exam. It comprise of MCQ and measures verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities that develop overtime. Most college requires SAT 1 for admission

 SAT-2 Subject tests

It is 1 Hour exam and comprises of MCQ. It measures the knowledge of particular subject and ability to apply that knowledge


  • SAT was developed and administered by US based “College Entrance Exam Board”
  • It is held around 6-7 times in a year.
  • Anyone and everyone can appear for it
  • The score of SAT is valid for 5 years.
  • You can report your Sat score to maximum 4 universities initially. It is included in the sat fees you pay.
  • For reporting to each additional university the charges are $6.50( US dollar)

Scoring Pattern:

  • The scoring pattern comprises of three different scores
  • Total Score(400-100)
  • Verbal Section(200-800)
  • Mathematics( 200-800)



The SAT-I is a three hour exam, divided into seven sections. The following table gives out the format of the SAT-I :

SectionType of QuestionTotal QuestionsTiming
VerbalSentence Completion – 10 questions
Analogy Questions – 13 questions
Critical Reading – 12 questions
35 questions30 minutes
VerbalSentence Completion – 9 questions
Analogy Questions – 6 questions
Critical Reading – 15 questions
30 questions30 minutes
VerbalCritical reading questions on paired passages13 questions15 minutes
MathematicsMultiple Choice – 2525 questions30 minutes
MathematicsQuantitative Comparisons – 15
Student-produced-response Questions – 10
25 questions30 minutes
MathematicsMultiple Choice Questions – 1010 questions15 minutes
ExperimentalEither verbal or Mathematics sectionvaries30 minutes
Total 138 +3 hours

SAT-II: Subject Tests

Writing,  Literature,  American History and Social Studies,  World History,  Math IC,  Math IIC,  Biology,  Biology E/M,  Chemistry,   Physics,  Chinese Listening,  French Reading,  French Listening,   German Reading,  German Listening,  Modern Hebrew,  Italian,   Japanese Listening,  Korean Listening,  Latin,  Spanish Listening,   Spanish Reading,  English Language Proficiency

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