What is spoken English?

  • Spoken English can be described as the ways in which English language can be transmitted through adhering to accepted standards of sounds.
  • Spoken English plays a huge role in studying and working in Canada. Students with good spoken and written English will help them to find better job opportunities in Canada

What is grammar and why should we study grammar?

  • Grammar is central to any study of language and the bae of any language
  • It is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves.
  • By means of learning it, we do a systematic study and description of the language
  • It also has infinite power to shift the structure of a sentence alters the meaning of that sentence

How to improve English?

  • The importance of English cannot be overlooked.
  • English is prerequisite to success.
  • It is the important factor in all aspects of life.
  • Most of us have studied in English medium school and knows how to read and write. However, we hesitate while speaking because we lack fluency and make grammatical errors.
  • Improving English requires improving command over that particular language.
  • We cannot improve English right away; it requires a lot of time, dedication and efforts.

Tips to achieve fluency in English

  • Do not hesitate
  • Start a conversation with stranger in English
  • Maintain a diary
  • Read newspaper daily
  • Watch English movies
  • Set a time period of 1 hour daily to watch English news channels
  • Listen to English songs- Try to understand the song b by reading the lyrics
  • Read in your voice and listen to it
  • Ask people

Common Mistakes:

  • Effect and Affect
  • I and Me
  • Since and for
  • Adverse/ Averse
  • Each/every
  • Adapt/Adopt
  • Bought/ Brought
  • Advice/Advise
  • See/Watch
  • Who/whom
  • Cereal/Serial
  • Wait/weight
  • Compliment/complement
  • Could, Would, Should
  • Diary/diary
  • Either/neither
  • Its /it’s
  • Loose/lose
  • Live/Leave
  • Much/many
  • Of/off
  • Then/than
  • There/their/they’re
  • Till/until


  • You can improve your vocabulary by using the following tips
  • Read newspaper
  • Have a habit of reading a new book every day
  • Watch English movies
  • Use vocabulary cards
  • Use internet
  • Don’t forget new words
  • Learn Pronunciation
  • Learning in groups is always a fun
  • Learn root word
  • Keep revising


  • Try to communicate in English, you will make mistakes. Moreover, Learning English is not one day process.
  • Learn phrases that can be used for multiple sentences.
  • Be patient.
  • Learn how to greet people properly.
  • Talk slowly and carefully.
  • Don’t rush or hesitate while conversation in English.
  • Restrict yourself to simple sentence until you gain confidence.
  • Watch out your pronunciation.
  • Carefully observe how proficient speakers of the language pronounce words.
  • Ask friends, relatives/ anyone to point out your mistakes while speaking English.
  • Speak to them in English.
  • Always keep a dictionary with you.
  • Keep a habit of reading books/magazines.
  • Whenever you hear a new word, find its meaning and antonym

Many other fields need to be improved for better English such as:

  • Silent letters
  • Tongue twisters
  • English Pronunciation
  • Learn root words
  • Prefixes
  • Suffixes
  • Phrasal words
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms and so on.

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