More than 135,000 international students prefer the universities and colleges in Canada every year for undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral programs. The high quality education system and the affordability are the two important factors that make Canada one of the best education destinations in the world. This country offers highly rewarding job opportunities for the international students after the completion of the course and it also provides a safe and peaceful ambiance for the students compared to several other western countries.

Visit the CIC website to find out whether you are eligible to apply for a student visa for Canada

If you visit the CIC website, you can find the Canadian student visa application package. The same can be obtained by paying a visit to the Canadian embassy or local visa office as well. For obtaining the application package, you are supposed to answer a few questions on the CIC website about yourself. These questions are going to decide whether you have the eligibility to apply for a student permit.

Documents needed to apply for a student visa in Canada

You have to submit documents such as proof of acceptance, proof of identity and proof of financial support. If you cannot produce these documents, you will not be able to apply for a student visa in Canada. All these documents are essential to become eligible to apply for a student visa in Canada.

Get a standardized letter of acceptance form a recognized university or college

Study permit is the first thing foreign students need to obtain for their education in Canada. It alone may not serve as a student visa for the duration you stay in Canada. You must also have a temporary resident visa or an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). If your course lasts 6 months or less, you do not have to apply for a student permit. The Canadian Government has chosen some institutions known as DLIs (Designated Learning Institutes) and if you want to get a student visa, you should be enrolled at a DLI approved by the Canadian Government. The admission process and requirements differ from institution to institution. A student should select the best university, college or educational institution that meets his/her own objectives. The next step is to make sure that it belongs to the DLI list and then, a standardized letter of acceptance must be obtained from the institute. If you get this letter of acceptance, you can apply for a student visa in Canada and it is known as the proof of acceptance.

Valid passport or travel document is also needed

Most importantly, you should have a valid passport or travel document to become eligible for applying a Canada student visa. Two recent passport size photos are also needed to apply for the student visa and these two documents are known as proof of identity.

Evidences of financial support

You can prove your funds with the help of several supporting documents. If you have transferred the funds to Canada, you can provide the details of the Canadian bank account with sufficient funds. A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating financial institution or bank can be used as a proof of financial support and it is being done to show that you have adequate funds to meet one-year living expenses in Canada. The proof of the education loan from a recognized bank is also a valid document and you can produce bank statements for the past four months as proof of financial support. The receipt issued by the university or college upon the payment of the tuition and housing fees can be produced as a financial support document as well. Proof of scholarship or a letter from the sponsor can also be submitted as an evidence for financial support.

Minimum funds needed to meet the living expenses in a year for a student come around CAD10, 000 and you should also have adequate funds for transportation, food, accommodation and health insurance. If you are bringing a family member with you, an additional CAD 4000 need to be spent and proper evidences that substantiate your ability to meet these expenses must be produced. A medical examination report and a police certificate should be submitted and you may also need to convince the immigration officer that you are willing to leave Canada at the end of the course. If you meet all these criteria, you become eligible to apply for a student visa in Canada.

Are you planning to study in Canada to ensure a bright and rewarding career? You should be careful while selecting a course and the student visa application must also be submitted with proper vigilance and attention. As a trustworthy overseas education consultant, Career Abroad offers fully customized services for each student and they guide you through the entire process to materialize your dream of studying in Canada in an affordable way.

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