Canadian colleges and universities

Canadian Colleges and Universities

As a student, before applying at Canadian colleges or universities to study in Canada, you might have a lot of question including: which colleges, or universities I can apply at? In which province, or at which campus I can apply? What are the basic admission requirements? What are the benefits of studying at a specific college, or university? How will be my future job prospects? What are the language requirements like IETLS, TOFEL, PTE and others? What is the application fee to apply at a college, or university? And many more questions to follow…

At Career Abroad, our counsellors are trained to assist you with all such and other questions you have, and will help you to pick a right institution to study in Canada.

Below find list of all the colleges and universities we represent in different provinces in Canada. Click on each college link to learn more about the institution, benefits to study there, their admission and IELTS requirements and application fee details.

List of Canadian Colleges and Universities:

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