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Job opportunities in Canada are endless for individuals who are looking for fulltime, parttime and skilled jobs in Canada. Canada is actively seeking foreign workers and professionals to help grow the strong national workforce.

Work in Canada is an important aspect of Canadian immigration. Whether you are looking for permanent or temporary work in Canada, or you are a Canadian employer seeking to bring in skilled foreign professionals from abroad, the Work in Canada section will provide you with valuable online resources to help accomplish your goals.

Every year, tens of thousands of newcomers create new economic opportunities for themselves and for Canada by joining this country’s labour force. Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live. It is easy to understand why thousands of people choose Canada every year. From its strong, stable economy and vibrant, cosmopolitan cities to the breathtaking beauty of its natural environment, Canada offers newcomers opportunities and a quality of life that are second to none.

The Labour Market Information (LMI) Service helps Canadians find information about occupations and labour market trends and outlooks, including skill or labour shortages and surpluses, and statistics on unemployment rates and the working-age population.

The Working in Canada Web site offers local and provincial/territorial information on occupations. For example, the Web site features information on:

Jobs in Canada
  • National Occupational Classification job descriptions.
  • Skills requirements for jobs
  • Employment prospects and labour market trends
  • wages
  • Potential employers
  • Educational and training institutions
  • Professional associations and unions

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