Pay Scale in Canada

Wondering what a certain type of job pays in Canada? Learn more about PayScale and minimum wages offered in different provinces in Canada.


Administrative AssistantC$41,190
Executive AssistantC$54,767
Software DeveloperC$67,109
Operations ManagerC$69,913
Legal AssistantC$$45,366
General / Operations ManagerC$50,321
Human Resources (HR) ManagerC$70,542

PayScale in Canada varies from province to province. Your PayScale is usually determined based on job opportunities, job requirements and minimum wages in each province/territory.

The best way to identify what would be a decent salary for the the type of job that you want to apply for is by looking in to job openings in your field. Job postings in your field on websites like Monster, Workopolis, Indeed and LinkedIn  will provide you with a decent insight on the duties, responsibilities and experience asked for jobs in your field and what kind of salaries are offered.

  • Expect an increase of 21% in the IT/Software Development occupations in Canada by 2028.
  • The expected salary increases in 2020 is 4%.
  • Canadian Industries with the most growth as of 2020:
    • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation – +26.3%
    • Real Estate (Rental/Leasing) – +14.6%
    • Administrative and Support – +9.4%
    • Public Administration – +9.3%
    • Finance and Insurance – +9.1%
    • Health Care and Social Assistance – +8.4%
    • Retail – +8.0%
  • Salaries for Administrative professionals have increased approximately by 10% every 17 months.
  • The highest salary increases in 2020 in Canada are expected to be in the professional, scientific and technical sector at 3.3 %, and in the public administration sector at 3 %. Respondents anticipate lower than average increasesin the arts, entertainment and recreation sector at 2.4 %.
Provinces Increase in Percentage
BC 2.7%
Alberta 3.6%
Saskatchewan 3.2%
Manitoba 2.7%
Ontario 2.7%
Quebec 2.7%
Atlantic Canada 2.6%
Newfoundland 3.4%
Province General Wage (10-2018) More Information on Employment Standards
Alberta $15.00
BC $15.20
Manitoba $11.95
Newfoundland $12.75
NWT $15.20
Nova Scotia $12.95
Nunavut $16.00
Ontario $15.00
PEI $13.00
Quebec $13.50 Quebec - Wikipedia
Saskatchewan $11.81
Yukon $15.20

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