Student Visa
A Student Visa can be described as a special stamp/endorsement added to a passport of students, issued by Government, who are enrolled in qualified institution. Student needs to obtain student visa (study permit) to study in another country.

Student Visa Canada

Canada Student Visa Categories

SDS (Student Direct Stream Category)

Student Direct Stream Category (SDS)

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Non SDS (General Category)

General Category (NON-SDS)

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Steps to apply for Student Visa Application

1. Submit your application at desire College & University
Step 1
2. Get the LOA (letter of Acceptance) : Obtain admission acceptance letter from college or University,
Step 2
3. Pay the Tuition Fees of College/University
Step 3
4. Arrange and Submit documents for Visa Application
Step 4
5. Get ready your Application for Student visa
Step 5
6. Apply for Student Visa / Study permit
Step 6

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