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Public college in Calgary, Alberta

Since 1965, Bow Valley College has been a community college that puts students first, assisting them in achieving their academic and professional objectives. With an employment rate of 88 percent after graduation, it provides an affordable education.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is home to Bow Valley College, an institution of higher learning. The city is a multicultural urban area not far from the nation’s well-known Rocky Mountains.

According to the Economicist Intelligence Unit, Calgary is one of the world’s most livable cities and has one of the lowest cost of living rates in North America. This campus offers a superb quality of life along with excellent facilities and services. Modern academic tools promote learning, and the college frequently plans activities to help overseas students integrate into campus life.

Students from all over the world select from an extensive selection of excellent programs to gain access to high-quality education and practical experience that will enable them to be job-ready in one or two years. Students have the option of going into the workforce after graduation or continuing their education by transferring to another university.

The various study options offer a wide range of career alternatives that were created with high-demand sectors like health, business, and technology in mind.

The top English language learning program in Calgary offers opportunities for non-native English speakers to improve their language abilities. It provides more than 90 programs to choose from, many of which provide priceless work experience. In order to ensure that students graduate with the skills employers demand, program content is created in partnership with industry partners.

At Bow Valley College, over 2,350 international students learn to succeed each academic year with the help of a committed international support service team. Additionally, the college provides scholarships for qualified international students.


Bow Valley College Ranking

Bow Valley College is one of Canada’s top 50 research colleges in the annual Research Info-source rankings. The college sits at No. 44 for the fiscal year 2020 in the medium institution category. It also ranks No. 12 in the country for growth over the previous year, with Bow Valley College’s research income increasing by 55 percent.


Location and Campus

Bow Valley has a different Campus offering different aura and surroundings to the student. 


Main Campus

Benefits of Studying in Canada

Bow Valley College delivers programs and skills that make you think in new and creative ways, removing barriers to fulfilling and lasting employment.

1. Affordable education

2. Quality education

3. Standard of living

4. Work-student life balance in Canada

5. Student Safety

6. Immigration Opportunities

7. Job opportunities in Canada

Official Website: 

Application fees

The application fee to apply at Bow Valley College is CAD $140 and is non-refundable. This application fee must be paid for admissions along with the completed application. Keep in mind that paying the application fee does not guarantee acceptance.


Academic Fees

An average tuition fee for Bow Valley College per semester is CAD $7,100. You can find the UG, PG and diploma program fees below.

(Note: Fees are estimated and subject to change according to the intake and program.)


Programs Offered

Students from all over the world who want to expand their knowledge in their area of interest might choose Cambrian College as an ideal location for their next academic adventure.

The institution provides a range of courses in subjects like:


Business Administration

Business Accounting

International Business Administration



Arts and Culture


After completing their course, students receive certificates, diplomas, or degrees that are recognized by the state.


Bow Valley College- FAQs

The average living expenses for bachelors at the Bow Valley College is CAD $17420.


Bow Valley College has 6 campuses. All of them have amazing residence halls, student centers, civic spaces, cultural spaces, music halls, transportation facilities, etc.


When choosing the Bow Valley College for higher education, an international student must consider the following factors:

1. Take all the prior information from our counselors.

2. Finalise a budget

3. Research the course of your preference at Bow Valley College

4. Arrange your documents for admission

5. Plan for Scholarships or Loans

6. Check out the country’s working rules for international students

7. Apply for a visa


Yes. An international student can apply for scholarships to pursue their education at Bow Valley College by:

1. Looking for country-specific scholarships by contacting the specific scholarship institutions.

2. Applying to or finding out if any subject-specific scholarships are available from the Bow Valley College website/ department.

3. Applying to available research assistantships, teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships, or grants.


Yes. Established in 1965, Bow Valley College is a reputed university to pursue higher education for international/Indian students. The perks of studying at Bow Valley College include:

1. Global Recognition

2. Amazing job/ opportunities

3. Research opportunities

4. International exposure

5. Cultural learning

6. Independence


A few globally recognized courses that one can pursue at Bow Valley College are:

1. Software Development in Bow Valley College

2. Pharmacy Technician in Bow Valley College

3. Practical Nurse in Bow Valley College


The GPA requirement for Bow Valley College will vary based on your selected course admission criteria. However, a GPA above 3.5 can help you get admission to most international universities. Check for the official Bow Valley College’s website to know more.


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