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What is camp?

  • A place with temporary accommodation of huts, tents or other structures used by soldiers, or travelers.
  • Adventure has become a part of this camps
  • However, these camps are mostly focused on educational and cultural exposure.

What kind of camp?

  • These camps are 1 week  to 4 weeks.

What kinds of camps are held?

  • There are various types of camps held for manifold purposes:
  • Education
  • Adventure and Education
  • Cultural and social activities and many more.

How many students go in a camp?

  • 15-20 students go in one camp.

Is the food provided or charged?

  • All the charges for food and accommodation services are covered in the fees.

Who is the guardian of the camp?

  • Guardian maybe a teacher, principal/ parent accompanying the group from the school and who has the consent to be the guardian of the specific group.

What are the benefits of such camps?

  • International education, cultural exposure, visit to colleges and universities, get better understanding of the Canadian culture, travelling experience and moreover students can plan their future studies at the same place.

What age of individuals can join the camp?

  • Students ranging from 12-16 years of age can join these camp.

What are the activities for summer camp?

  • Summer in Canada is the beauty in itself. There are various outdoor  and sightseeing activities carried out in summer camps  such as:
  • Visit to Niagara falls (Mid of the midst and butterfly garden)
  • Canada’s wonderland
  • Barbecue
  • Beaches
  • Cruse
  • Center island

What are the activities carried out in winter camps?

  • The winters in Canada is one of the most freezing as well as thrilling experience. There are various indoor activities carried out in camps during winter time namely:
  1. Snow tubing
  2. Snow skiing
  3. Ripley’s aquarium
  4. Royal Ontario Museum
  5. Ontario Science Center
  6. CN Tower
  7. Roger’s Center
  • Discussion between different groups is carried to know different culture’s with a better aspect.

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