Study High Schools in Canada

Study at high school in CanadaWhy study at high school in Canada?

  • Studying in Canada at high school level makes it easier for the international students to take admissions directly into a reputed and well known university.
  • Moreover, there is no need of IELTS if you have completed your high schools in Canada.
  • Students acquire a better understanding of the curriculum at the school level.
  • Furthermore, counsellors can help the students with educational pathways for future field recommendations such as: Nursing, Medical, engineering, Technical filed, Nano Technology and so on.
  • Student in high school get in contact with children coming from manifold countries and learn the Canadian culture as well.

CAREER ABROAD work with various school boards across Canada

  • Toronto District School Board
  • Quebec District School Board
  • Winnipeg District School Board
  • Windsor District School Board and many more.

Steps to Acquire Admission in High School

Counselling Application and Evaluation

Career Abroad staff will guide you with the high school admission:

  • Collecting documents from high school.
  • Expert consultants assess your credentials and guide you with admission process.
  • Experts of career abroad guide the student with proper educational pathways – like:
    • Perusing bachelor’s after finishing high school.
  • We help you with submission your application at the school board and find custodian.
  • Once the school issues the assessment, they provide with the offer letter.
  • We also arrange accommodation and custodianship for the students in conjunction with the Canada Home Stay Network.

Fee’s Payment

  • After the school has issued the offer letter and accommodation and custodianship process if finished, the student and his family is guided with the fee payment process.
  • Once the fees is paid the school provide the letter of acceptance (LOA) During this process all the questions such as fees payment schedule, refund policy and method of payment are discussed

Apply for Visa

  • At this step, we discuss if the parents have the citizenship or PR of Canada and if not we provide with alternative options such as arrange custodian and home stay for the student. The parents can always visit the student in the future.


  • Career abroad assists the student by organizing orientation.
  • During the orientation, the consultants at career abroad discuss important matters such as:
  • Arrival
  • Reporting to school-Submitting original documents to the school
  • Credit transfer process is started
  • Assessment- Sometimes some schools ask the students to appear in Math or English Test
  • Post landing Services-Career abroad will assist the students with Airport pickup, Accommodation, Opening a bank account, City trip, Trip near the school areas, etc.

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