College Programs in Canada


  • It is similar to certificate programs. They are primarily awarded through community colleges or technical schools.
  • Diploma is also known as Post-Secondary program.
  • In Canada, these programs are popular after new school graduation (After 12)
  • These programs are usually for 2 to 3  years.
    • Based on new Express Entry rules, any student who finishes three years of the program in Canada is eligible for an additional 30 points into the Express Entry Pool. For more details, contact Career Abroad Student Counsellour. 
  • The general IELTS requirement for diploma programs is overall 6.0 to qualify under the SDS program; however, students with low IELTS can still apply.
  • Business Programs need Math and English in 12th grade or high school. Students with Science backgrounds have various options as well. For further details, contact  Career Abroad Student Counsellor.

Advanced Diploma

  • Advanced diploma programs also fall under the postsecondary category. 
  • Advanced diploma programs are 3 to 4 years in length with the inclusion of practicum or co-op sometimes. 
  • These programs are usually for 2 to 3  years.
  • The general IELTS requirement for advanced diploma programs is overall 6.0, but students with low IETLS can still apply under various options.
  • Some colleges require math as an additional requirement.

Post Graduate Programs:

  • Postgraduate programs are also known as postgraduate certificate, post-diploma, and postbaccalaureate programs. 
  • This program involves studying for higher and professional degrees, academic or professional certificate diplomas, which often require completion of a bachelor’s degree or a minimum of 15 years of education. In some Postgraduate programs, 2 to 3-year diploma programs with experience are also acceptable.
  • This program is generally for one year. however, now colleges have started offering one plus one or two years postgraduate programs as well. 
  • General IELTS requirement for postgraduate programs is overall 6.5 with not less than 6 in each module.

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