Want to Study Biotechnology in Canada?

What is Study Biotechnology?

Study Biotechnology in Canada!! Are you an international student that is passionate about both science and technology? Then biotechnology will be a great program for you to study in Canada! Biotechnology at its core is a technology that is built upon biology to improve human lives through research and development. While doing this program the students will learn how they can use living organisms to develop new medicine and food products, processes, and developments. Humans have been using biotechnology methods for generations where live cultures and microorganisms were used to produce products like cheese, bread, yogurt, wine, beer, and many more.

Grafting, and genetically modifying food to yield better crops; cross-breeding to create stronger animal species, producing more animal products like milk, and wool, and modifying the physical appearances of animals like dogs are some of the other examples of uses of biotechnology.

However, with the time and advancement of life sciences, biotechnology has turned into a vast field with various research and job opportunities. The course is heavy in lab work, Research and Development, and computer software. Many of the colleges/universities in Canada provide students with well-equipped labs where students can have hands-on training to prepare them for their careers. Some examples of biotech in the real world include creating tools to detect diseases and the creation of sustainable farming processes.

What are some job opportunities related to Biotechnology?

  • Biotechnology technologist
  • Microbiology lab technician
  • Analytical chemist/microbiologist
  • Quality assurance/control technologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Geneticist
  • Production and research scientist/assistant
  • Laboratory technologist
  • Food technologist
  • Forensics Labs
  • Biomanufacturing scientist
  • Immunologist
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnologist

What is the demand for the Study Biotechnology in Canada?

According to Stats Canada, Study Biotechnology in Canada is substantial relative to other larger countries. Biotechnology contributes significantly to the Canadian economy therefore the demand for these skilled professionals is expected to continue increasing over the years. Additionally, there are many job opportunities for fresh graduates as they are not limited to just one sector. Biotechnology graduates can get jobs in different work environments such as healthcare, agriculture, natural resources, food production, and marine resources. International students that pursue biotechnology will have access to various career options across many exciting disciplines.

Below are average salary expectations in Canada for jobs within this field:

  • $44,593/year for Lab Technicians (Glassdoor, 2022)
  • $40,909/year for Food Technologist (Indeed, 2022)
  • $55,797/year for Quality Assurance Analyst (PayScale, 2022)
  • $51,442/year for Microbiologist (PayScale, 2022)
  • $78,305/year for Geneticist (PayScale, 2022)
  • $54,368/year for Immunologist (Glassdoor, 2022)

List of colleges and universities that offer Biotechnology

  • Canadore college
  • Centennial College
  • Conestoga college
  • Durham College
  • Fleming College
  • Loyalist College
  • St Lawrence College
  • Seneca College
  • University of Windsor
  • Wilfred Laurier University

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