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Master of Business Administration or MBA is a dream degree for many students. An international student with the highest placement expectation wishes to study at the top-ranked university in the USA. Entering the business world with an MBA can guarantee exposure for a leader of tomorrow.

However, there are some facts that a student should be aware of before enrolling or deciding to pursue an MBA in the USA. Career Abroad will assist in knowing whether an MBA is the right choice for you or not.

Let’s start with the basics.

If you are an international student, distinguish the terms of an MBA in the USA from your current country. Every country has a different education system, and it is advised to have a whole study before applying blindly.

  • Eligibility: To enroll in an MBA program, a student should have four years of undergraduate degree. In the USA, 16 years of education is the basic requirement at many colleges. Under the diverse options of programs, a student can choose the program and college according to their profile.

  • Additional exams: Universities ask for GRE and GMAT scores for enrolment in the MBA programs. Along with IELTS, the student can either appear or choose any one of these exams and score within the admission requirements of their respective college and program.

  • When can you enroll?: There are three intakes in which students can enroll with USA universities for an MBA. Fall is a popular intake for international Indian students. Whereas, Winter/Spring intake starts in January, and is an alternate place if students miss Fall intake. Summer intake has limited programs, as it starts in May, and many international students do not choose it.

MBA- An internal vision

Enrolling in this program is not just like any other program. When it comes to higher degrees like this, an international student can find multiple options. Students can choose a specialization with their MBA degree based on their interests. An international student learns many market aspects and gets an internal vision of the program.

The demand for this 2-year-long program has been exceeding the coming years. Students’ competitiveness towards an MBA in the USA is as equal as in any other country. Big IVY schools, looking for strong academic backgrounds may consider additional remarks on work experience and GRE/GMAT score of the student.

Documents required for admission

Now, it is known that basic academic documents are required for admission to any university for any program. But below are the documents required for any student going for an MBA in the USA.

  1. Academic documents
  2. Financial documents
  3. LOR/ SOP/GRE/GMAT (based on university)

All the documents along with the ones mentioned above are the basic requirement list for which every student needs to arrange when planning to apply. All these documents can play a vital role in the final selection.

MBA- financial assistance

Pursuing an MBA can be an expensive affair. However, it is important to note that there are varieties of universities offering the same program at different rates. A student can find a college offering the same program but with different requirements and future perspectives.

The students can research or consult their counselors for the types of placement options that are available with the colleges. A student can look for them and match their profile to select the accurate one.

The tuition fee for an MBA in the USA can range between USD 12,000 to 88,000 annually. However, it can vary from college to college. Along with tuition fees, specialization, and many other factors can differ among the universities. With the lower range and medium range of universities, a student can also apply without IELTS or GRE/GMAT to secure their admission.

But when it comes to job opportunities for an MBA graduate, it is much more. The total expense that one can roughly count in the USA can be USD 60,000 to 85,000. However, a student can earn that much after performing well in their MBA program.


Find jobs during MBA IN the USA

Enrolling in a 2-year program, an international student is allowed to work part-time and full-time in the USA. Even after 2 years of a student visa, an international student is eligible to apply for a CPT of 3 years.

With an overall permit for 5 years, an MBA graduate can find job opportunities across the USA and get H1B sponsored by local employers. Based on the popularity, a student can find options in finance, marketing, healthcare, human resources, and many other fields after an MBA.

Even if an international applicant wishes to go back to their home country, the value of an MBA in the USA will generate more lavish opportunities for them. The world is open for MBA graduates with moments that are unique in its way.

A student can choose the category of MBA specialization that can land them into high-paying jobs. After market research and student experience data, one can look for the area that interests them and falls under the category of STEM.


MBA with and without GMAT and STEM

STEM programs are beneficiaries for students when it comes to higher education in the USA. But how does an MBA come under STEM? With STEM, students can qualify with Business analytics specialization. Very much in demand, this program can approve OPT for 3 years.

However, did you know that several universities in the USA allow MBA programs under STEM or without the GMAT? There is no certainty for these. However, some unpredictability can prove to be a boon in that many American universities grant an MBA degree with multiple freedom of finding work. However, this raises the question of how.

With our USA counselors, we help every student achieve their dream of completing an MBA in the USA. For any doubts or questions, we are available 24 hours to help the student reach their desired destination.


As an international student, the USA is a dream country. With unlimited opportunities and options, an MBA in the USA is like being at the top of the world. But some real facts must be known to the international students, planning to take such a big step.

Find the counselors in your network that can bring your dream into reality. With the daily changes in government policies, professionally aware people can assist with all possibilities. Career Abroad holds such a team that can help provide the best services with an extra touch of daily updates.

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