Make your summer worthwhile by applying SUMMER PROGRAM 2019 -UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR is offering the best 14-day CANADIAN SUMMER EXPERIENCE.

Why should you join Summer Programs?

Joining the summer program will offer you an idea about what life at the University of Windsor is all about! Not only will this summer program help you adapt to the university, you will also have a head start navigating your way around campus making it less overwhelming for future students. It is a fun way to meet new people from around the world and harbor  new experiences like study abroad while learning.

Applying for the Canadian Summer Experience summer program will help you with your career development! The program experience is diverse. Each field offers different skill sets that will make you a versatile individual. Who knows, you may end up liking a program you never thought you would be in or see yourself pursuing a career.

Furthermore no longer would you have to worry about being unable to pick up on school assignments and note-taking after summer vacation. You will not forget what you learned during the fall and winter months if you apply for Canadian Summer Experience.


Known as the “City of Roses” and home to the Canadian Summer Experience, Windsor is directly across Detroit, Michigan. It is a safe, friendly, multicultural environment and have some of the best art and historical museums well suited in welcoming the student community for the summer program. Summers are hot and humid and there are many attractions to discover such as gardens, parks, festivals, Art gallery, and Museums.

The University of Windsor has been accredited by the Ministry of Training. It has a high enrollment range and leads in recognizing higher education, particularly, Pre-bachelors, bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees in various areas of studies.


The University of Windsor is open in the summer of 2019 for their Canadian Summer Experience. This 14-day summer program provides a balance of classroom learning and summer activities. You are able to learn and grow at a professional and personal level together with having fun during the summer. The program includes three areas of study: English, Science, and Engineering also includes some guided activities.


Summer Activities

The summer program will not only bring learning but also summer activities. Besides the learning, Social excursions will be taking place across the city of Windsor. It is a way for you to learn outside the classroom and in the meantime learn more about Canadian culture and Canada lifestyle! Some past excursions include:

  • Tour of the Honda of Canada Plant
  • Outings to local shops
  • Art galleries
  • Symphony performances
  • Theatre
  • Cinema
  • Nature centers


Students in this section of the summer program will receive 24 hours of instructed learning. The English course is designed to help you develop and improve your reading and listening comprehension skills as well as your oral and writing skills. These basic skill sets are Pre-requisites that will help you succeed in your post-secondary education career.

English is not only for international students but Canadian students too! In short the English language is the most commonly spoken language in the world. The importance of communication is imperative because conversing with people is a part of human daily life. English will help you push your career forward because with communication comes challenges (due to miscommunication), therefore a strong English background can assist you will problem solving skills and this can help you advance in the work field.


  • Express preferences
  • Provide suggestions
  • Compare options to make decisions
  • Develop opinions to persuade
  • Discuss advantages and disadvantages
  • Explain processes
  • Examine causes and effects
  • Analyze issues


Science is a fun visual learning experience. It is a way to understand the world. The experience is hands on, teaching you the important skill sets such as critical thinking, communication and leadership.

This summer program will be taking place at the new Science Research and Innovation Facility. Students will receive 12-hours in length of constructive learning. This will help you shape the essential skills needed for your future career in the sciences. Instructed by the faculty of science, students are divided into small groups which will be more advantageous because instructors will be able to pay closer attention to any individual learning styles you may have.


Taking place in the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation, the engineering program is constructed by the University of Windsor faculty of engineering. In addition Students will receive 12-hours of instructed learning that incorporates academics, business and industry sectors giving you “access to state-of-the-art engineering facilities”. The field of Engineering provides a good job scope and several career options and opportunities. Engineering promises professional success and financial security.

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