Suzhou Centennial College is the first Canadian college in China. It was approved by the Chinese government to deliver Canadian education. We know what you’re thinking. Where is Suzhou? I have never heard of the place. Continue to read and we will tell you!

Suzhou is a city located west of Shanghai. It is in the center of the Yangtze Delta and the most affluent of the Chinese cities. Suzhou is one of the most 20 popular tourist destination cities in China. Known as the “Vienna of China” because it is on the Yangtze River, the city is surrounded by water. Suzhou draws its tourists with its ancient Chinese gardens, beautiful museums, and ground-breaking gourmet restaurants.

  • How do I get to Suzhou?

Suzhou is like the backline of Shanghai. There is no plane flight directly to the city because there are no airports. Sources of transportation include bullet trains and small planes from Shanghai. Suzhou houses over 100 companies ranging from Microsoft to universities like UCLA. There are 29 universities and colleges in Suzhou with approximately 70 000 international students in the universities.

  • But I Cannot speak Mandarin! 

Suzhou Centennial College has an international students’ hub home to an abundance of diversity.

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Suzhou Centennial College (SCC) is “nationally approved to operate in China by the Chinese ministry of education and by the ministry of education Jiangsu Provincial Government”. It is the only Canadian college in China. The educational standards are set by the ministry of advanced education and skills development Ontario, with equivalencies to Centennial College Business School, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science and School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts.

Suzhou Centennial College provides internship opportunities at Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) for the programs offered at the college. This opportunity allows you to put what you learned in class to the test as you work in the field. Suzhou Industrial Park is the most competitive industrial development zone in China. It is home to more than 100,000 students and hosts a large number of national and international companies.

“The learning style at Suzhou Centennial is very different from our Chinese learning style. I like the team work. You can talk with many people from the international world, and you can also meet a lot of international students, so that’s why I chose this school, it lets me open up my eyes and my mind.” – Belle Xinbei | Software Foundations Student


You may be asking yourself why should I study in China? Majority of international students choose to study in North America. False. China is the top three most popular study abroad destinations! More people study abroad in China than the UK! In 2016, 400,000 international students went to China with over 18,000 of them from India!

We know moving to China sounds intimidating, but studying abroad is about creating new memories and exposing yourself to new experiences. China is a country full of rich, ancient culture.

Still don’t think Suzhou Centennial College is the choice for you? Let us convince you!

Getting accepted into programs such as Business and Hospitality Foundations (eight months) in China can help you prepare yourself to meet the qualifications for programs at Centennial College Toronto, Canada. If you graduate at Suzhou Centennial College you will earn an Ontario College Diploma. In addition, there is an optional introductory Mandarin language and culture classes to take in addition to your academic program.

Why not learn the native language while studying at Suzhou!

  • Q: Are there any scholarships available?

Yes, there are scholarships available! Students are given $3000 CAD worth of scholarships. These scholarships are given in two installments of $1500CAD. The first installment is given once you meet the admission requirements and register with Suzhou Centennial College. The second installment is given if you have a minimum of 50% (2.0 GPA) in the first year. This scholarship is redeemed in the second year of studies.

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Suzhou University of Science and Technology and Centennial College Toronto both came together to create Suzhou Centennial College (SCC). It is the only sino-foreign Canadian College approved to deliver Canadian College credentials in China. “Government partnership programs funded 145 students to study Mandarin languages and gain practical training at SCC”.

If you complete one year at Suzhou Centennial College and meet the basic requirements for Centennial College admission you are guaranteed a seat for second year at Centennial College Toronto.

International students have two options: Transfer their final year of 3-year advanced diploma to Toronto from China and further their studies in Canada OR complete their program and further their studies in China. For a more rewarding experience staying in China to complete your studies is highly recommended.

Take a Centennial College English Assessment Test offered at Suzhou Centennial College! This test allows students to meet the English requirements for their program without IELTS! As long as you meet the required score on the assessment required for the program.

  • Q: If a person has completed three years of studies and is applying for a Work Permit, what is the difference between a profile form China and a profile from Canada?

The difference is the person who has completed their studies in China has a bilingual language advantage because of the free Mandarin language course. Canada is an extremely multicultural place and its employers in Canada looking for employees who mirror that Canadian essence. If the person is able to speak Mandarin, English and their native language, that person will have more advantage because they are more useful long-term in the career field.

Another difference is transnational experience. This is a quality that will differentiate you from a profile in Canada. If you sacrifice nine months of direct study in Canada, you will receive transnational exposure and scholarships. All of these factors contribute to a distinct resume.


Program name Program code Semester Credentials
English Language Learning (Except India) 6529 1-3 semesters Centennial Certificate
Business Foundations 2123 1 year / 2 semesters Foundation- Can be upgraded to Diploma in Canada by taking a new Business program of 2 years (2803)
Business – Accounting 2810 2 years / 4 semesters Diploma- Can be upgraded to Advance Diploma in Canada by taking a new Business Administration – Accounting (2405) for the 3rd year.
Financial Services 2484 2 years / 4 semesters Diploma- Can be upgraded to Advance Diploma in Canada by taking a new Business Administration – Finance (2493) for the 3rd year.
Business – International Business 2820 2 years / 4 semesters Diploma- Can be upgraded to Advance Diploma in Canada by taking a new Business Administration – IB (2409) for the 3rd year.
Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management (14 weeks in Internship in Crown Plaza Hotel at Suzhou) 1827 2 years / 4 semesters Student can take Culinary Arts/ Baking Skills for the 3rd year (1810,1812, 1831)
Software Engineering Technician 3488 2 years / 4 semesters Diploma- Can be upgraded to Technology in Canada. 3rd year will be a new program of 1 year (3409)
  • Q: How does Pathway work?

Articulation Agreements include a pathway program with partnering institutions that allows students to achieve their degree credit. Davenport University Master of Business Administration – Strategic Management Concentration provides a pathway program for students at Suzhou Centennial College.

Suzhou Centennial College is not only about going to school to get an education. Studying abroad at a college like Suzhou Centennial will aid in your learning and sense of independence. If you are looking for a change in terms of international career paths, come to Suzhou Centennial College. Coming to Suzhou Centennial College will help you create more opportunities and experiences that can help your growth and enhance your future.

You should choose Suzhou Centennial College because you will have access to scholarship opportunities and low costs of living because 1 year in China is almost half the cost of living in Canada. If you study at Suzhou Centennial College and pass the first year, the college will guarantee your next year at Centennial College Canada!

Studying abroad at Suzhou Centennial College gives you transnational experience that you can use to create a distinct resume that will get you into better organizations and building a bright future. Use the free Mandarin Language course offered at the college and add that to your resume too!

It is truly an experience of a lifetime. Join Suzhou Centennial College, your journey awaits!

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