Winter wonderland activities

Christmas is over and we hope you have experienced the Charm of Christmas in Canada as we mentioned in our previous blog. It’s the holidays and we hope you are spending quality time with your loved ones now that the holidays have arrived. However, if you’re feeling bored and want to do something exciting, check out the following list of activities you can do with your dear ones to spice up your festival in the Winter Wonderland!

1. Tobogganing, sledding, or tubing.

Winter Wonderland Activities


Winter Wonderland Activities


The activity of using a toboggan-a sled without runners-to slide down snow-covered hills and artificial ice peaks. Tobogganing as a sport probably originated on the slopes of Mount Royal in Montreal. Similarly, this activity can also be done with snow tubes to slide down at bottom of a slope as part of this enjoyable recreational activity.

Snow tubing, sledding, and tobogganing don’t require any prior knowledge and are enjoyable ways to enjoy the Canadian winter. Be cautious of bumps!

2. Skiing and snowboarding

Winter Wonderland Activities


Winter Wonderland Activities



Snowboarding entails standing on a board attached to your feet and sliding down a slope covered in snow while wearing a particular boot fastened onto a mounted binding. Skiing is a sport that is simple to pick up but challenging to master. The difficult aspect of snowboarding is getting on your heel and toe edges, but once you master the basic technique, you can advance quickly to the professional level. It is a nice activity to enjoy with your loved ones in the backyard or some nearby parks.

3. Fishing or Ice-fishing.

Winter Wonderland Activities


Since it was essential for surviving, ice fishing is one of the most popular winter hobbies in Canada. On a frozen lake, you can set up a shelter above a drilled entrance for fishing. You can fish for a variety of other fish species depending on the area.

Ice fishing can be a pleasant experience for kids and their families. Although there are many places to go fishing in Canada, Lake Nipissing, the Ottawa River, Cold Lake, Tobin Lake, and the Bay of Quinte are some of the best.

During the Ontario Family Fishing Weekend in February, which falls on the Family Day long weekend, families can enjoy fishing without a license.

4. Hot Springs

Winter Wonderland Activities

Hot water spring

Winter Wonderland Activities

Hot spring

Many people suffer from the cold when winter arrives and the temperature starts to drop. Fortunately, nature provides a soothing remedy to combat the chilly weather: hot springs!

Warm up your bones in a hot spring to recover from all those wintertime adventures. Canadians enjoy relaxing in outdoor hot tubs. Nothing is more beautiful than taking a nice bath and watching the snow fall all around you. The Takhini Hot Pools in the Yukon, Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia, and Banff Hot Springs in Alberta are some of the top hot springs in Canada.

5. Camping

Winter Wonderland Activities

Camping in the snow.

You might be familiar with camping in the summer. However, winter camping is also very common and is thought to be one of the trendiest trends in outdoor adventure in Canada. Camping enthusiasts assemble a snow-proof, insulated tent and spend the day skiing and snowshoeing. The majority of individuals gush for months about the unique sensation of spending nights outside. The nicest aspect about going winter camping is that you don’t need to be an experienced camper.

If you don’t wish to visit someplace too distant, you can also set up a tent at any nearby park or even in your backyard. Camping can be a fun activity to enjoy with your family while you can play games and other winter-related activities.

Activities in your front yard.

It’s always a fun time when you’re out with your family and friends in the snow. There are a lot of activities that you can enjoy out there in your front yard. Making a snowman or a snow castle is a fun activity for both adults and children. You can participate in a challenge with your neighbor or friends in numerous activities. You can build castles with various themes and attempt to make them look as realistic as you can.

Building Snowmen is a wonderful way to express your creativity given that you can always think of innovative ways to customize their decorations while you can also teach kids how to make some snow angels. And when it comes to snow-fight, who doesn’t love a fierce competition to battle out with snowballs being thrown out at each other? An activity that may not be as popular as others but can be fascinating is the “hot water challenge”, which basically means hot water when thrown out in the air, freezes to give spectators a nice treat to watch.

Winter Wonderland Activities


Winter Wonderland Activities

Snow castle

Winter Wonderland Activities

Snow fight

Winter Wonderland Activities

Hot water splash

Activities in your back yard.

While there are different activities to do in your front yard, there are some specific things you can perform in your backyard as well. This list consists of some fun family gathering activities like sitting around a bonfire to sing and dance along. This also includes cooking some of the special festival dishes and drinks like hot chocolate, rum cake, cookies, and eggnog and making marshmallows. Let’s take a look at some special events;

Winter Wonderland Activities


Winter Wonderland Activities

Marshmallow making

Winter Wonderland Activities

Baking cookies

Winter Wonderland Activities


Winter Wonderland Activities


Winter Wonderland Activities

Rum cake

Activities in your community.

Canada has community centers and community parks built all across spaces. Special events are held at various parks for the people to enjoy. You can visit community centers to try ice skating while community parks are preferable for outdoor activities as mentioned above. One notable thing to experience through community parks is star gazing into the dark sky.

Winter Wonderland Activities

Community Centers

Winter Wonderland Activities

Community Park

While these were some activities to enjoy with your family in your hood, in our next blog we will be focusing on famous places to visit all over Ontario during winter.


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