Benefits of Spouse Open Work Permit

Canada Government now focuses on benefits of their immigrants. With the Spouse open work permit   (SOWP) now you can help your spouse by working in Canada while they study. Family reunification is a vital component of Canada’s immigration agenda.  Students can bring their Spouse / dependent partner / common- Law partner in Canada on basis of this. It has it’s own benefit which result your spouse does not need to go on long process.  Let’s learn more about Spouse open work permit.

Spouse Open Work Permit

If you’re International student who studying full-time course with valid study permit, your dependent partner or Spouse would enable to apply for open work permit. SOWP empower your spouse or common-law partner to work full time on or off-campus while you study.

Benefits of Spouse open work permit

There are plenty benefits of this Spouse work permit; bringing your partner to Canada through this Permit gives you below benefits

  • No IELTS requirement: It’s not mandatory to have IELTS score for Spousal open work permit
  • Work full-time: Your spouse can work full time.
  • Stay with your spouse till you have valid permit : As long as you have a valid study permit or work permit for Canada your spouse can stay with you
  • Extent Work permit: Your spouse can extend their visa considering your validity of valid study permit.

You can apply online for Spouse open work permit.

This open work permit not only help you financially, but also help your partner to work independently in Canada.

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