Study in Canada regardless of academic standing – low, or high

  • Low Highschool grades? We can help you upgrade them and help you get admission at college and university of your choice!
  • Good Highschool grades but missing a subject? we can help you add credit and get admission at college, or university of your choice

International students can now study in Canada regardless of their academic standing – low or high.  Students can study full-time at e-secondary school to complete their missing, or low grade courses. The credits earned at the e-secondary school can be used to meet the admission requirements for admission at the colleges and universities in Canada!

International students who does not meet the admission requirements for a Bachelor program because of low percentage in a subject, they can apply now for the courses needed to upgrade their marks and earn the credit to use towards their admission process. It is not only limited to students with low academics standing but international students who are missing subjects required to meet a Bachelor program can be benefited from this as well. Students can take the specific missing courses that are needed to meet the minimum admission requirements of the program they are interested in applying.

What Subjects Can I Take?

Students can take the required subjects from grade 9 to 12, to either improve their low percentage and/or complete the missing subjects required for admission. Students can take courses in Biology, English, Math, Physics, Business, Economics, History, Health and Nutrition or Law; whichever subject is needed to maintain the minimum admission requirements. These programs are taught by certified and qualified teachers that are available for online tutoring if you need more assistance. Students are able to enroll in one or more courses which can include compulsory and/or elective courses. Course materials such as textbooks will be available online including the PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, video chat, interactive content, and much more!

What will be length of the course?

Once registered students can finish the course at the time and pace that is most convenient for them; however,  the student should finish course within 12 months of duration after the registration. All courses will have a minimum of 110 hours of learning.  There is no set deadline for modules or tests, students can schedule these to be handed in or taken depending on their personal schedule. If the student requires more than the allotted 12-month period they are able to apply for a course extension before the course expiration date. Students have the possibility of extending their course by a maximum of twelve months.

What will be cost to finish these programs?

For international students the cost of tuition fees can start from a minimum of $795 per each High School Credit Course. This $795 will cover the study period of 12 months and includes the cost of tests, examinations, tutoring services and materials. If a student requires an extension for the time frame of a course, they can apply for a course extension. Students have the choice to extend their course per month for $50 or for three months for $125 or six months for $250. Additionally, students are able to transfer from one course to another within the 12 month timeframe for a fee of $125.

How Will I Complete My Final Examination?

All course exams will be completed online and can be done any time within the 12 months of schooling. As previously stated, because students will be studying at their own pace, they will be able to take their exam as soon as they have completed the modules. In addition, because it is online international students can take their exam anywhere and be able to study in Canada once they receive the credit.

All tests and exams will be completed online with an appropriate proctor supervising. The proctor can be in person and arranged by the student or online where it will be arranged by OES.  The in-person proctor must meet a set of guidelines and once approved they will receive instruction on how to proceed further through email. If student opts for online proctor option, they will be assigned an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) and are required to follow a set of guidelines.

Do Ontario Colleges and Universities accept these credits?

All credits earned through Ontario e-Secondary School will be accepted by college and universities in Ontario. OES is permitted to issue Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits as approved by the Ministry of Education. The credits earned at OES is equivalent to the credit that are earned in public high schools in Ontario.

When can I apply?

International students can enroll any time of the year for the required course at the e-secondary school. Students have 12 months to complete the course which allows them to learn at their own pace. students can schedule and manage their own deadlines.

How to enroll and who to connect with?

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