Top Information Technology Programs in Ontario

The 21st Century is known as the Virtual Age primarily based upon information technology. The widespread use of the internet shapes (and will continue to) the way we live as we are dependent on information and communication technologies. This is good news for international students interested in computers and the internet.

International students gravitate to Ontario because the province offers numerous pathways to further studies at universities and colleges. Ultimately, this is beneficial for those looking for job opportunities and to eventually settle in the province with permanent residency.

Likewise, with the rest of the world, Ontario, Canada has a high demand for Information Technology students and has several colleges and universities that offer IT programs for international students looking to further continue their studies abroad.

What are the benefits of studying Information Technology?  

  • Multiple Career Choices
  • Stable Income
  • Always in demand
  • Flexible work schedules

What are the possible job opportunities?

Studies have shown international students have higher chances of getting a job after graduation because IT Programs are high-demanded in the market.  Career opportunities include:

  • Computer Analyst/Programmer
  • Incident and Threat Manager
  • Network Security Consultant
  • Business Account Manager
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Web Developer
  • iOS Developer

Nowadays, Graduating with a certificate or degree in IT give international students a wide variety of places to work including hospitals, banks, IT companies, governmental institutions and agencies, and more!

Career Abroad work with some of the top colleges and universities in Ontario that offer IT programs such as:

Canadore College

  • Project Management – Information Technology (PG Certificate)
  • Mobile Application Development (PG Certificate)

Centennial College

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer & Communication Networks Honours)
    • Partnerships with universities around the world for Masters programs
  • Computer Systems Technician—Networking (Fast-track)
  • Software Engineering Technology—Artificial Intelligence (optional co-op) [Advanced Diploma]

Conestoga College

  • Computer Application Security (optional co-op) [PG Certificate]
  • Big Data Solutions Architecture (optional co-op) [PG Certificate]
  • Web Design and Development (PG Certificate)

Loyalist College

  • Cloud Computing (PG Certificate)
  • Wireless Information Networking (PG Certificate)

University of Windsor

  • Masters of Computer Science
  • Masters of Applied Computing
  • Bachelors of Business Administration and Computer Science
  • Bachelors of Computer Science
    • Specializations in Software Engineering, Applied Computing, Computer Information Systems

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