Wondering what a certain type of job pays in Canada? No need to spend hours trying to Google the info, which you’ll likely draw a blank on anyway.

Positions Payscale
Administrative Assistant C$37,130
Executive Assistant C$49,644
Software Developer C$59,830
Operations Manager C$65,973
Legal Assistant C$42,172
General / Operations Manager C$70,857
Human Resources (HR) Manager C$67,180

Good news: the days of wage freezes seem to be behind us. For 2013, predictions are for an average salary increase of 3% in Canada. This is up slightly from the previous year.

  • Expect an increase of 4.5% if you’re in the IT/Software Development.
  • Mobile applications developers will see the highest increases of an average of 9.0%.
  • Salaries for Administrative professionals are anticipated to rise an average of 3.9%.
  • Other higher than average sectors: Chemicals (at 3.4%), Business / Professional services (at 3.2%) and private sector Utilities (at 3.1%).
  • The sectors with the lowest projections for raises in 2013 are Media at 2.2%.
  • Healthcare is at 2.0% and Government and telecommunications both at 2.3%.

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